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muse is a pioneering audience evaluation app, produced by EPFL’s Laboratory for Experimental Museology (eM+) in collaboration with over 20 Swiss museums. EPFL Pavilions is one of these partner cultural institutions and uses the app at its facilities.

muse provides visitors with an engaging way to communicate their experiences, while helping museums to consider this feedback when developing exhibits and other attractions.
The app invites visitors to communicate during their museum experience (instead of after) by making drawings, leaving voice recordings, interacting with animated graphics, or taking photos directly at the exhibit. For EPFL Pavilions and other cultural institutions, it’s the opportunity to get to know their visitors better and encourage audiences to participate in evaluations in large enough numbers to provide useful data. Then, using data analytics tools, these institutions can focus on visitors as individuals, and use the quality of visitor engagement as a method to define, measure, and program for improved museum experiences.