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Deep Fakes - In Conversation - Digital Projection, Consensive, ArcTron3D




Episode 11 - Ultra HD (8K) 3D virtual reality experienced at 360 frames per second, cutting edge developments in Satellite LMS, 1000 microscopic mirrors on a 2x2 cm computer chip, multi-user stereo view ultra HD VR, art in science and the science of art, cultural preservation of world heritage sites.

In the universe of the exhibition Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double, we invite you to join us for In Conversation, a live video discussion series with the artists, scientists, and collaborators that have been a part of our exhibition.

For this eleventh episode of Deep Fakes - In Conversation, this coming Thursday, April 7th, at 6 PM CET, we invite you to join us for a discussion between Monica Antohi, Communications lead with EPFL Pavilions, and her guests, Thierry Ollivier, representing Digital Projection UK, and Alexander Kulik CEO of Consensive, the two of the three companies responsible for The Abbey Saint Michel installation in our exhibition.

We’d also like to mention the third company that participated in the creation of this installation, Arctron3D, and Martin Schaich, the CEO of ArtTron 3D, and an archeologist by trade. He was not able to join us on the recording date due to being out in the field, on a dig.

In this #interview, we'll be exploring virtual environments in 8K 360 fps detail, speaking about the cutting edge scientific breakthroughs at the edge of art and science, archeological digs, UNESCO heritage sites like Abbey Saint Michael in Bamberg, stereoscopic perspective 3D viewing in virtual environments, and collaborations.

Join us for the premiere on April 7th at 6 PM CET for a conversation that expands beyond technology and current events, to bring a new perspective on culture and cultural heritage.

Thierry Ollivier - Digital Projection UK
Alexander Kulik - Consensive
Martin Schaich - ArcTron3D

The video link for the premiere will be available on the day, here below, and on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.