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'LightTank II' at the Mariendom Linz, Image courtesy and credit: F. Voggeneder, © 2018–2023.

'LightTank II' at the Mariendom Linz, Image courtesy and credit: F. Voggeneder, © 2018–2023.

LightTank II

arc/sec – Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu

LightTank II is an experimental setup that explores the frontiers of construction through a seamless fusion of static physical and dynamic digital components. It allows the visitors to dive into an immersive volume that transcends the conventional architectural space.

Central to the installation is an aluminium space-frame structure that supports four large transparent projection walls which are arranged in an “X” configuration. LightTank II employs an anaglyph projection method, resulting in large-scale three-dimensional drawings. The setup eradicates the notion of a fixed front- or backside. Instead, it offers a comprehensive 360° viewing experience achieved by rendering stereoscopic images from multiple perspectives onto the transparent gauze structure. This solution enables viewers to engage with the installation from various positions, fostering an immersive and interactive encounter. A touch screen enables the visitors to initiate and control the expansive animations that unfold across the projection surface. The virtual constructions are precisely calibrated to superimpose upon the aluminium space-frame structure and the surrounding space, forging a seamless fusion between the physical and the digital.

LightTank II redefines traditional categorisation. It emerges as a hybrid sculpture, wherein visitors are immersed within a morphing holographic volume.