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  • Guided Tours

Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double - Guided Tours for the EPFL and UNIL communities


Lunch Visit: EPFL Pavilions, Pavilion B - 12:15

Evening visits: Start at EPFL Pavilions, Pavilion B - 5 PM and continue at Satellite Bar


Within the framework of the Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double exhibition, EPFL Pavilions proposes special guided tours for the EPFL and UNIL students and staff.
From the 17th of September, we are delighted to invite you to join us for guided visits through far-off lands of art, archaeology and cutting-edge technologies. We want to bring you on a trip of the imagination, twice per month, with guided visits during lunch and evening musings followed by leisurely conversations with some of the leading voices of our zeitgeist, at Satellite Bar.
Dates, times are listed below. For the main theme for discussions, please consider following us on social media, as we constantly update the speakers, topics and dates for all EPFL student and staff events.

Student Lunch Visits

  • Dates: 23 September, 14 October, 11 November, 9 December - 12:15pm
  • Free event, booking is mandatory.

Staff Lunch Visits

  • Dates: 7 October, 4 November, 16 December, 13 January - 12:15
  • Free event, booking is mandatory.

Apéro Visits at Satellite Bar

  • Guided visits followed by round table discussion at Satellite Bar
  • Dates: October 19, November 9 and December 14 - 5PM
  • Free event, booking is mandatory.