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Deep Fakes - In Conversation - Patrick Michel




Episode 3 - On cultural heritage, the importance of digitizing our history, Palmyra, Syria, 3D photogrammetry, and archeology.

In the universe of the exhibition “Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double”, we invite you to join us for “In Conversation”, a live video discussion series with the artists, scientists, and collaborators that have been a part of our exhibition.

For the third episode of “Deep Fakes - In Conversation”, this coming Thursday, December 2nd, at 6 PM CET, we invite you to join us for a discussion between Monica Antohi, Communications lead with EPFL Pavilions, and our guest, senior lecturer at the University of Lausanne, Patrick Michel, where we'll be discussing two of the installations in our exhibition, Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double, called Recreated Reality and Clouds of Palmyra.

Join us for the premiere on December 2nd at 6 PM CET for a conversation that expands beyond technology and current events, to bring a new perspective on culture and cultural heritage.

Patrick Michel

Patrick Michel is program director of the Collart-Palmyre project at the University of Lausanne, an archeological archive of archeologist Paul Collart which has documented via thousands of black and white photographs and field notes the state of the Palmyra site, in the middle of the last century.

Deep Fakes - In Conversation - Patrick Michel