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Deep Fakes - In Conversation - Terry Kilby




Episode 2 - On contemporary cultural heritage, drones, 3D photogrammetry, and the metaverse.

In the universe of the exhibition “Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double”, we invite you to join us for “In Conversation”, a live video discussion series with the artists, scientists, and collaborators that have been a part of our exhibition.

For the second episode of “Deep Fakes - In Conversation”, this coming Thursday, November 18th, at 6 PM CET, we invite you to join us for a discussion between Monica Antohi, Communications lead with EPFL Pavilions and our guest, 3D drone artists Terry Kilby.

Terry Kilby documented a piece of contemporary history and its transformation as it evolved from the Confederate monument of General Robert E. Lee to a site of protest for the Black Lives Matter movement, after the killing of George Floyd in 2020. The conversation touches on drones, heritage, preservation, racism, and the future of culture in the digital space.

Join us for the premiere on November 18 at 6 PM CET for a conversation that expands beyond technology and current events, to bring a new perspective on culture and cultural heritage.

Terry Kilby

In mid-2020, Terry Kilby was confronted with the images on social media feeds of the protests taking place around the Robert E. Lee Monument and the resulting graffiti. He also began to hear the firsthand stories of people living in Richmond, Virginia. Recognizing a pivotal moment in history, he decided to document the events taking place at the monument in the form of a 3D scan. Hailing from Maryland in the US, Kilby is a 3D capture artist and aerial photographer specializing in the documentation of cultural heritage sites. Terry was a pioneer in the burgeoning drone industry of the late 2000s and has written several books, magazine articles and case studies on the topic over the last decade. His work combines elements of aerial photography, terrestrial-based LiDAR and custom-built camera systems to capture high-resolution 3D models and panoramic images of the sites he documents. He also leverages his background as a software developer to create public experiences around the assets he captures. Terry has worked on 3D scanning projects for the Smithsonian and the Department of State.

Deep Fakes - In Conversation - Terry Kilby