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  • Special day

Nuit des Musées 2023


Pavilions A & B


As part of the Nuit des Musées Lausanne-Pully 2023, EPFL Pavilions is hosting the public presentation of the programme on 4 September, as well as presenting the exhibition Cyber Physical: Architecture in Real Time and the digital dance performance Cosmogony by choreographer Gilles Jobin on the evening of the event, 23 September.

  • Monday 4 September 2023

Public Presentation

6 pm–9 pm, Pavillons A & B, open to all
-> Upon email registration

EPFL Pavilions is pleased to host the public presentation of the Nuit des Musées de Lausanne et Pully, in the presence of State Councillor Nuria Gorrite, Lausanne Mayor Grégoire Junod and Pully Mayor Gil Reichen.

The programme for the 22nd edition, which will take place on 23 September, will be unveiled by the museum directors in and around the EPFL Pavilions building. The walk will conclude with official speeches, followed by an aperitif, an opportunity to chat with those who bring the museums to life all year round and toast the launch of this year's event.

  • Saturday 23 September

Nuit des Musées 2023

The 22nd Nuit des Musées de Lausanne et Pully promises to be wild, hairy and slobbery. The event is decked out in all kinds of fur and moustaches - all synthetic, of course! On 23 September, from 2 pm to 2 am, the 26 participating museums will be offering over a hundred events to suit all tastes. Anyone with a nose or snout is welcome to join in the After des musées until 4 am.

Open from 2pm to midnight, EPFL Pavilions presents the exhibition Cyber Physical: Architecture in Real Time, meetings with the artists in the exhibition, and a digital dance performance by choreographer Gilles Jobin.


  • Speed Visits

From 2 pm to midnight (non-stop), Pavilion B

Throughout the day, the EPFL Pavilions team will be giving speed visits of the exhibition.

  • Encounters with the artists

At 2 pm, 5 pm and 9 pm (30 min) Pavilion A
In English, with simultaneous translation into French

The artists of Cyber Physical: Architecture in Real Time, Uwe Rieger and Yinan Liu, will give an introduction to their work and then take the public on a tour of the exhibition installations.

  • Cosmogony

At 7 pm (30 min)
Forum Rolex of the Rolex Learning Center

Digital dance show featuring three dancers whose movements are captured in the studios of the Gilles Jobin company in Geneva and projected live on the EPFL campus. The choreographer will then answer questions from the audience.