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Discovery Day

Events & activities for the general public


Pavilions A & B


EPFL Pavilions presents a special day of events and activities for all publics on Saturday 23 March. Through guided tours of the current exhibitions, children’s workshops, performances and encounters organised in partnership with various EPFL laboratories, this will be an opportunity to explore the intersections between real and virtual spaces.


Pavilion B

  • 11 am–6 pm | Exhibition

Cyber Physical: Architecture in Real Time

Cyber Physical brings together four dynamic and immersive installations that reshape our perception of physical and digital spaces. Thanks to 3D projection, augmented reality or artificial intelligence, the public interacts with ever-evolving structures capable of listening, learning and reshaping themselves in real time.

-> More information on the exhibition

  • 11:15 am–12 pm | Guided Tour | FR/EN

Guided Tour of the Cyber Physical exhibition

  • 12–12:30 pm | Encounter | EN

Encounter with the artists of Cyber Physical
— Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu

At the end of the guided tour of Cyber Physical, artists Uwe Rieger and Yinan Liu will be answering questions from the public by video conference from New Zealand.

  • 12:30–12:45 pm / 4:15–4:30 pm | Performance

When Whales Had Legs
Izabela Orzełowska & Gonzague Rebetez

In dialogue with the whale inspired structure, a human body navigates the evolutionary path of the nautical mammal. From sea to land and back again, this millennia-long tale unfolds between the first steps of a fish, to the moment when legs return to fins. An invitation to a reflection on the relationship between environments and life – How to evolve in the Cyber-Physical?

  • 3:30–4:30 pm | Guided Tour | FR/EN

Family Guided Tour of the Cyber Physical exhibition

Discover the Cyber Physical exhibition on a special guided tour for families!

Pavillon A

  • 11 am–6 pm | Exhibition

Artificial Architecture: Machines and Dystopian Dreams

The exhibition showcases five years of pioneering work by the EPFL Media and Design Lab, exploring the fusion of architecture and artificial intelligence. Through immersive projections, live prototypes, and a larger-than-life-sized “design brain,” it highlights the vast potential and nuanced challenges AI introduces to architectural design.

-> More information on the exhibition

  • 2–3 pm | Guided Tour | EN

Guided Tour of Artificial Architecture

  • 11:30 am–12:30 pm / 4:30–5:30 pm | Workshop| FR

Thymio Robot Workshop for children

The Center for Learning Sciences (LEARN) invites you to build a paper structure and bring it to life with the Thymio educational robot. Dive into a world where paper and technology come together, transforming ideas into living, evolving works of art!


  • 1:30–3 pm | Atelier | FR

Thymio Robot Workshop for elderly people + Guided Tour of Cyber Physical


  • 1–2:30 pm / 3–4:30 pm | Atelier | FR/EN

3D Workshop for children + Guided Tour of Cyber Physical

Discover the Cyber Physical exhibition on a Family Guided Tour of the exhibition, followed by a children’s workshop where you can make your own 3D drawings and photos!

The presence of an accompanying adult is compulsory throughout the activity.