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Photo: Encor Studio



Encor Studio invited by Artiphys

For the thirty-second edition of the Artiphys festival, Encor Studio will be taking over the Pavilion A of EPFL Pavilions to exhibit a collection of recent works in a series entitled WARPED.

Questioning our relationship with space through the play of light, the Swiss collective's moving installations aim to challenge our definition of reality by encouraging us to reinterpret it in two spaces: 01: additive and 02: subtractive.

An almost glaring white light invades the space, veiling it in a vibrant halo; WARPED is a journey that takes place on the EPFL campus. A parallel between the undulatory nature of sound and that of light: that of Artiphys, an electronic music festival, and Encor Studio, artists who specialise in the architecture of light.

Artiphys, a product of Epflian students since 1990, is bringing these two components of the physical world together this year at EPFL Pavilions and during the evening of the festival, which precedes the exhibition by a month, where a hypnotic-luminous work using forty neon lights by Encor Studio will be installed.

  • Artiphys

Artiphys is an art and music association founded in 1990 by several students from the Physics section of the EPFL campus. Every year in March, the twenty-five or so student volunteers who make up the association organise the Artiphys festival, which brings together more than a thousand students in the western centre of the campus, to a fast-paced rhythm of electronic and techno music produced by some fifteen international artists, spread over 3 stages.
Over the last few years, the Artiphys association has organised several other open-air events from September to June: Prélude to introduce the autumn semester, setting the pace for the fourteen weeks of the student seasons, and Coda to close the spring semester.

  • Encor Studio

Encor Studio was founded in 2015 by artists Mirko Eremita, David Houncheringer, Manuel Oberholzer and Valerio Spoletini.
Using reflections, waves and light as their grammar, the Swiss collective's productions play with perceptions by exploiting the foundations of graphic art. True sensory experiences, their audiovisual installations are immersive and evolving, blending architecture, data art and sound and light waves. At Encor Studio, each project — often site-specific — explores light in all its forms, and also bears witness to the collective's fascination with technology.