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Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double - School Offer


EPFL Pavilions
Pavilions B and A
Place Cosandey
Lausanne 1015
17 September, 2021 - 6 February, 2022

Anthropos Café
campus of the University of Lausanne
10-14th January 2022


Produced for scientific, educational or commercial purposes, replicas of works of art are both a source of fascination and questioning. Digital technologies multiply the opportunities to generate near-perfect cultural doubles, but are they comparable to the originals? Do they diminish their heritage value? Do they arouse emotion? A surprising guided discovery between art and technology.


EPFL Pavilions- Pavilions A and B

Guided tours of the exhibition Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double

17 September 2021 - 6 February 2022
Tuesday to Friday
11:00 to 18:00

Free of charge. Reservation required

A one-hour guided tour with a mediator

Reservation and information:

Your reservation request must reach us at least five working days in advance of your visit.

Secondary I and Secondary II (students 12-18 years old)
Address: EPFL Pavilions, Place Cosandey, 1015 Lausanne (EPFL Campus)

Co-organized by:


Encounters with science: the art of copying
(Anthropos Café, campus of the University of Lausanne)

In order to dive deeper into some of the themes of the exhibition Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double, sign up your class for a meeting with a researcher, professor, or professional interested in the interface between art and new technologies. (This offer is for French language speakers.)


Monday, January 10th
10:30 am - Béla Kapossy, Director of the College of Humanities - EPFL
12:30 pm - Rémi Petitpierre, Scientific Assistant Institute for Area and Global Studies - EPFL
5:30 pm - Patrick Michel, Senior Lecturer Section of Archaeology and Sciences of Antiquity - Ancient History - UNIL

Tuesday, January 11th
10:30 am - Philippe Kaenel, Associate Professor Art History Section and Director, Associate Professor Cultural History - UNIL
12: 30 pm - Salar Shahna, Film Producer at Dirty Bacon and President and Founder of World XR Association
5:30 pm - Paul Guhennec, Assistant PhD student Digital Humanities Laboratory - EPFL

Wednesday, January 12th
10:30 am - Christian Michel, Professor of Art History - UNIL
12:30 pm - Isaac Pante, Senior lecturer and researcher Section of Language and Information Sciences - UNIL

Thursday, January 13th
10:30 - Albane Descombe, Technical collaborator ScanVan Digital Humanities Laboratory - EPFL
12:30 - Nathalie Dietschy, Assistant Professor in conditional pre-tenure at the Section of History of Art - UNIL
17h30 - Simon Dumas Primbault, Scientific collaborator Laboratory for the History of Science and Technology - EPFL

Friday, January 14th
10:30 Christiane Hoppe Ohel, Partner Art Recognition
12:30 pm - Touradj Ebrahimi, Full Professor Multimedia Signal Processing Group - EPFL
17:30 pm - Marion Kramer, Scientific Assistant Institute for Area and Global Studies - EPFL


Anthropos Café, campus of the University of Lausanne

10-14th January 2022

Free of charge
Reservation required
Subject to availability

30 minutes presentation by the speaker + 30 minutes of Q&A with the students

Co-organized by: EPFL and UNIL

Secondary II (students 15-18 years old)


Interactive digital adventure: À la recherche du passé (In search of the past)

Do you love ancient culture and want to explore the Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double exhibition from your classroom or home? If so, click on the link below for an adventure that will take you on a journey to the Temple of Baalshamîn in Syria, a temple that was destroyed in 2015 by Daech (ISIS), and then digitally reconstructed.

À la recherche du passé

Fee: Free
Format: Approximately 30 minutes
Co-organized by: EPFL and UNIL