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Deep Fakes - In Conversation - Bas Korsten




Episode 7 - On the original cultural deep fake, inspiration and creativity, artificial intelligence, and being in the flow.

In the universe of the exhibition Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double, curated by Prof. Sarah Kenderdine, director and lead curator of EPFL Pavilions, we invite you to join us for “In Conversation”, a live video discussion series with the artists, scientists, and collaborators that have been a part of our exhibition.

For the seventh episode of Deep Fakes - In Conversation, this coming Thursday, February 17th, at 6 PM CET, we invite you to join us for a discussion between Monica Antohi, Communications lead with EPFL Pavilions, and her guest, Bas Korsten of Wunderman-Thompson Amsterdam, as they talk about what’s driving innovation, how to train creativity, the difference between creativity and inspiration, and some breakthrough technologies affecting marketing and advertizing, and of course, the idea that inspired one of the most astounding #advertizing campaigns to date, the creation of The Next Rembrandt.

In this #interview, we'll be exploring beyond advertising, going directly to ideas, and how they generate the world we see around us. We’ll talk about what it means to stay at the top, to lose yourself in the day-to-day productivity, to disconnect from it all so that you can re-connect with the flow, the zen state from which inspiration comes from.

Bas’ ideas for “The Next Rembrandt” generated a world of technological breakthroughs and massive teamwork across data scientists, museum curators, professors in art, artists, experts in Rembrandt to create this mind-blowing technological marvel which is The Next Rembrandt, one of the original cultural deep fakes.

Join us for the premiere on February 17th at 6 PM CET for a conversation that expands beyond technology and current events, to bring a new perspective on culture and cultural heritage.

Bas Korsten is a giant in the creative industry. He is one of the most recognized and awarded creatives of our generation. He’s the recipient of an impressive number of awards, such as Adweek’s - Top 10 Global Creative Leaders who are reinventing Advertising and the Ad industry, AdAge’s Creativity 50 - One of the 50 most creative people of 2016, as well as the recipient of 34 Cannes Lions awards, as of 2021.

The video link for the premiere will be available on the day, here below, and on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Deep Fakes - In Conversation - Bas Korsten