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Photo: Alain Herzog

Blurring Humans – Cyber Physical Symposium

In the session Blurring Humans, our interaction with digital/spatial technologies is explored in terms of their impact on our self-perceptions. The speakers will reflect on the embodiment of the digital extension of our realities.

Within the framework of the exhibition 'Cyber Physical: Architecture in Real Time', EPFL Pavilions presented a full-day free symposium on Friday 22 September 2023 bringing together speakers from the worlds of art and science.

At the intersection of art, technology and architecture, 'Cyber Physical: Architecture in Real Time' reshapes our perception of the physical and digital realms. The exhibition presents four installations that incorporate digital elements such as creative AI and 3D projections into tangible structures, to create interactive and responsive environments. This synergy enables architectural spaces to dynamically adapt and communicate with both their users and surroundings.

Within the framework of the exhibition, EPFL Pavilions presents a full-day free symposium questioning this interconnection through four themes — Blurring Humans, Harmonious AI, Intimate Hybrids and Markets in Motion – merging together perspectives of scientists and artists. The speakers will share their cutting-edge practice on the forms, the relevance and the feasibility of the digital extensions of our realities.

  • Speakers

Introduction by Prof. Sarah Kenderdine

Prof. Uwe Rieger & Yinan Liu (UoA, arc/sec Lab)
LightSeries sculptures

Prof. Olaf Blanke (EPFL LNCO)
Study the brain using digital technologies

Prof. Adrian Ionescu (EPFL NANOLAB)
Digital twins of humans for more sustainable healthcare

Gilles Jobin (Cie Gilles Jobin),
Digital Embodiment - Motion capture as a performer

Prof. Matthias Kohler (ETHZ D-ARCH)
Of Humans, Robots, Matter and Design

Moderated by Prof. Uwe Rieger (UoA arc/sec Lab)