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Deep Fakes - In Conversation - Christian Mio Loclair


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Episode 1 - On G.A.N.'s, Artificial Intelligence Art, Deepfakes, and the Metaverse

In the universe of the exhibition Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double, we invite you to join us for “In Conversation”, a live video discussion series with the artists, scientists, and collaborators that have been a part of our groundbreaking exhibition.

For the first week of Deep Fakes - In Conversation, this coming Thursday, November 6th, at 6 PM CET, we invite you to join us for a discussion between Monica Antohi, Communications lead with EPFL Pavilions and our special guest, digital artist Christian Mio Loclair.

The conversation will explore Mio's groundbreaking work, Helin, part of the Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double exhibition, the original deepfakes, the student-teacher learning system G.A.N., 3D G.A.N's, and the natural evolution and expansion of art into the Metaverse.

Join us on Thursday, November 4th, at 6 PM CET for a conversation that expands beyond technology, automation to bring a new perspective on culture and future scenarios.

Christian Mio Loclair

Christian Mio Loclair practices at the interface of artistic and scientific research. Using custom algorithms, data and digital devices, Loclair creates sculptures, video works and installations that aim to convey the aesthetics and frictions of both human and digital identity. In his work, Loclair explores the human body, organic movement and codified nature with opposing digital processes, data-driven algorithms and machine learning. His artworks focus on the novel aesthetic identities that derive from the interplay of mathematical and poetic research, examining both creative and societal potentials of artificial intelligence as well as the oppositional myth of human versus machine.