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The Challenge, 2016

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Open Air Cinema - 2021


Agora Lombard Odier


Du 16 au 25 septembre, EPFL Pavilions s'associe à EPIDEMIC, au GIFF et à Ecrans Urbains pour proposer 8 soirées de cinéma en plein air, sur le thème Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double. Au menu, une programmation entre documentaire et science-fiction en lien avec l’exposition Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double, mais aussi des cartes blanches à nos partenaires, en dehors du thème principal.

The Real Snow White, 2009

The Challenge, 2016

Shiro Takatani, between Nature and Technology, 2019

Informations pratiques

• 16 au 22 septembre et 25 septembre
• Agora Lombard Odier (entre EPFL Pavilions et le Rolex Learning Center)
• Gratuit- Dans la limite des places disponibles- Réservation conseillée
• Port du masque obligatoire
• Annulation en cas de pluie ou de vent.

Programme par date

16, 17, 18 Septembre 2021- à 21h

Programme proposé par Richard Castelli, directeur d'Epidemic, France

  • The Centrifuge Brain Project - Till Nowak
  • Real Snow White - Pilvi Takala
  • Shiro Takatani, between Nature and Technology - Giulio Boato et Enrico Pitozzi

    19 Septembre 2021 à 21h

    Annulé en raison de la météo

    20 Septembre 2021 à 21h

    Annulé en raison de la météo

    21 Septembre 2021 à 21h

    Programme proposé par Ecrans Urbains

  • A Machine to live in- Yoni Goldstein et Meredith Zielke

    22 Septembre 2021 à 21h

    Programme proposé par le GIFF

  • Sexmission - Juliusz Machulski

    25 Septembre 2021 à 20h30

  • 20h30 : ReReplica / Real / Replica - ScanLAB Projects- proposé par EPFL Pavilions
  • 20h50 : The Challenge - Yuri Ancarani- proposé par Epidemic
  • 22h00 The Congress - Ari Folman- proposé par le GIFF
  • 00h00 The Real Thing - Benoit Felici- proposé par Ecrans Urbains

Les films :

Real Snow White, 2009

Pilvi Takala
video, 9 min
The absurd logic of the ‘real character’ and the extreme discipline of Disneyland become apparent when a real fan of Disney's Snow White* is banned from entering the park in a Snow White costume. As visitors are encouraged to dress up and a lot of costume-like merchandise is sold at the park, the full costumes are only sold for children. The Disney slogan ‘Dreams Come True’ of course means dreams produced exclusively by Disney. Anything even slightly out of control immediately evokes fear of these real, possibly dark and perverse dreams coming true. The fantasy of the innocent Snow White doing something bad is so obviously real, that the security guards and management refer to it when explaining why the visitor can’t enter the park dressed up as Snow White.

Team: Raphaël Siboni, Ahmet Ögüt, Pénélope Gaillard, Anna Savolainen
Supported by Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten and Masa Projesi

The centrifuge brain project, 2011

Till Nowak
Mockumentary, 7 min
Based on his childhood fascination for the strange atmosphere of amusement parks Till Nowak created the fictional documentary 'The Centrifuge Brain Project'. He collected footage and used digital animation to create a series of non-existing thrill rides. Dr. Laslowicz is convinced: Making his machines more powerful brings him comes closer to the solution for all our problems. An obvious mistake or just typical human?

Shiro Takatani - Between Nature and Technology, 2019

Giulio Boato
Documentary, 52 min
Known for his dream-like, intoxicating universe, artist Shiro Takatani (1963 – ) passionately explores the origins of matter, from infinitesimal plankton to our immense star system. In this magnificent, poetic documentary, Takatani teams up with his closest collaborators, including composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, to celebrate his relationship with art and his eclectic oeuvre, ranging from dance and theatre to installations. He expresses himself simply and powerfully on his two great themes: nature and technology.

A Machine To Live In, 2020

Yoni Goldstein and Meredith Zielke
Documentary, Scifi, 89 min
A Machine to Live In is a hybrid documentary linking the cosmic power structures of the state to the mystical architecture of cults and utopian cities in the remote hinterlands of Brazil.

Sexmission, 1984

Juliusz Machulski
Scifi comedy, 122 min
On 9 August 1991 Maksymilian "Max" Paradys (Jerzy Stuhr), looking for adventure, and Albert Starski (Olgierd Łukaszewicz), biologist, volunteer themselves for the first human hibernation experiment, created by professor Wiktor Kuppelweiser, a Nobel Prize laureate, who previously successfully hibernated a chimpanzee for half a year. The experiment is considered as an epochal event and is broadcast on television. The hibernation is scheduled to last for 3 years.

The Real Thing, 2018

Benoit Felici
Documentary, 54 min
Paris, the Taj Mahal, Venice, the Vatican: all these monuments and many more have replicas scattered around the globe. Not just simple copies, these constructions are mirrors in which a certain image of the world is reflected.
The Real Thing is a journey into a copy of our world. Seeking the monumental copycat architecture of China and other countries around the world. Residential areas where people live their everyday lives, in places simulating other places.
The Real Thing is directed by Benoit Felici and Mathias Chelebourg and coproduced by Artline films, Dvgroup, and Arte France.

The Congress, 2013

Ari Folman
Fiction, 123 min
Israel, Germany, United States
An aging, out-of-work actress accepts one last job, though the consequences of her decision affect her in ways she didn't consider.

The Challenge, 2017

Yuri Ancarani
Documentary, 69 min
Italian visual artist Yuri Ancarani's documentary enters the surreal world of wealthy Qatari sheiks with a passion for amateur falconry. The opulence of this Middle Eastern gas state is on full display as the men race SUVs up and down sand dunes, fly their prized falcons around on private jets, and take their pet cheetahs out for desert spins in their souped-up Ferraris.