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Press Release - EPFL Pavilions acquires its first NFT

EPFL Pavilions acquires its first NFT, from 89 Seconds Atomized, one part of a digital reimagining of Velazquez’s Las Meninas

Diego Velasquez’s Las Meninas is probably among the most inspiring of the revisited artworks. In 2018, Eve Sussman collaborated with to create a blockchain project from one of her former artworks bringing to life Las Meninas. For this new work, Eve Sussman shattered her original award-winning video 89 Seconds at Alcazar into 2304 individual 20x20 pixel video bits designated as atoms.

Each atom can be bid on and purchased individually as an NFT, which can then be further sold, loaned, or even destroyed. The resulting interactive video, 89 Seconds Atomized, not only echoes long-standing questions raised by Velasquez's masterpiece about capturing an ephemeral moment in time but also adds a contemporary twist employing blockchain and collective ownership.

On February 1st, 2022, EPFL Pavilions purchased Atom #1590 which has become the first NFT joining EPFL’s artworks collection.

89 Seconds Atomized is showcased in its entire broken/assembled/re-assembled/not-available/visible 2304 atoms until May 1st, 2022 at EPFL Pavilions within the Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double exhibition framework. Thanks to cutting-edge immersive displays, this exhibition invites visitors to explore mesmerizing hidden treasures, discover how artists integrate new technologies as a new means of creation and reflect on digital materialities of cultural objects in their post-original form.

To learn more about Eve Sussman and her work, please follow this link: 89 Seconds Atomized

Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double
An exhibition organized as a collaboration between EPFL and UNIL
Curator: Prof. Sarah Kenderdine
Dates: Extended until May 1st, 2022, Tue – Sun, 11 AM to 6 PM

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Atom 1590 - Preview

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