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Into the Black: Virtual reality and mediation

Museums traditionally offer the viewing public information that communicates about the curatorial concept by helping to give meaning to the exhibited works. Such mediation generally comes in the form of accompanying texts that are arranged throughout the visit.

As an introduction to Noir, c’est Noir? (Is Black Black?), the EPFL+ECAL Lab invites the public to engage with the content of the exhibition in an interactive and immersive experience. It uses now ever more present virtual reality headsets whose technical capacity, nonetheless, is still seeking appropriate content – with notable exceptions made in the development of video games. The installation explores how interactive virtual immersion performed using 3D computer graphics can expand the understanding and appreciation of an exhibition. The design of the device is also central: virtual reality glasses mounted on a fixed pedestal recall the familiar object of stationary binoculars for tourists.

As part of a comprehensive study into the uses of virtual reality, Into the Black offers a unique and sensory way of engaging with curatorial content.

EPFL+ECAL Lab — Tommaso Colombo, Joëlle Aeschlimann, Marius Aeberli, Delphine Ribes, Nicolas Le Moigne, Nicolas Henchoz and Yves Kalberer.

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