Amplifier for Art, Science and Society
Title Category Year Exhibition
Star Mapping Sculpture Gallery 2022
Army of Robots Gallery 2022
Dark Cloud of Debris Gallery 2022
analog_artefacts Gallery 2022
Space Heroes Gallery 2022
The Secret World of Space Junk Gallery 2022
Space Cleaner AR Gallery 2022
Virtual Orbital Visit Gallery 2022
Cosmic Collisions Gallery 2022
Space Time Elastic Gallery 2022
SKA Simulator Gallery 2022
OrbitsTriptychon Gallery 2022
The Dynamic Universe Gallery 2022
The Silent Pulsar of the Universe Gallery 2020
The Lost Astronaut Gallery 2020
Sounds of Space Gallery 2022
Venusian Rover Gallery 2022
Aphrodite Terra, Venera 00307 - 00310 Gallery 2021
Archaeology of Light Gallery 2022
3D tour of Prix Pictet-Fire 3D Tour 2022
3D tour of Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double 3D Tour 2022
Replica / Real / Replica Video 2021
Double Truth Gallery 2021
Replica of ‘Landscapes of Four Seasons with Sun and Moon’ Video 2021
Clouds of the Ancient World Video 2021
Pure Land Augmented Reality Edition Gallery 2012
The Confucian Body: Rite of Archery Video 2021
Henry VIII Trifold Video 2021
Helin Video 2020
Abbey Saint Michel, Bamberg Gallery 2021
Notre-Dame de Paris Video 2021
Making 89 seconds atomized Gallery 2021
Full mask of a kite Gallery
The Golden Calf Gallery 2020
3D tour of Nature of Robotics: An Expanded Field 3D Tour 2020
3D tour of Prix Pictet-Hope 3D Tour 2019
3D tour of Infinity Room 2 3D Tour 2019