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Watt is Art - Video tour with Sarah Kenderdine

Prof. Sarah Kenderdine takes us on a tour of Watt is Art, an exhibition showcasing "boldly-artistic multifunctional solar panels" that are meant to bust through preconceptions associated with what solar panels can do and what they could do.

Notable quotes from the interview:
"Art has the power to stimulate science." - Prof. Sarah Kenderdine, Director EPFL Pavilions

Watt is Art - Interview and overview with Prof. Sarah Kenderdine

"Artists are always using the technologies of their time. If they find a technological development, they can incorporate this into their art. The role of EPFL Pavilions is really to work on experimental curatorship, to bring that, together with artists and scientists, into society. This reframing, this speculative approach to the sciences, which artists can do, is the rationale, the raison d'être of EPFL Pavilions." -- Prof. Sarah Kenderdine, Director EPFL Pavilions

"All sciences and scientists are hugely creative. The lens that is created here offers new insight for scientists to reframe the way that they might think about a particular topic, about how they might stage these works, about its needs. All exhibitions reveal needs. This way of bringing the science into a public space like this and to look at its esthetic distribution and conjunction actually highlights certain elements that are super interesting, I think, for sciences, as much as for architects, and as much as for the artists themselves, who might use these elements to reframe the discourse." - Prof. Sarah Kenderdine, Director EPFL Pavilions

On-site visits:
Due to the sanitary restrictions, the on-site visits are limited to 5 visitors per hour. Please use the link below to book your visit ahead of time, in order to ensure the availability of your preferred date and time.

Video and Images: Compáz, Be-Smart, CSEM, Solaxess

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